3 thoughts on “The Oppressor/Oppressed Dichotomy in Gender and Beyond

  1. One of the things that “social just us worriers” (SJuWs) fail to take into account is that human beings naturally divide themselves into groups of “like” individuals. This is basic human psychology. People with similar characteristics and interests will group according to those characteristics and interests. The only way to break these “class” barriers is to stop separating ourselves into groups. Identity politics by definition separates people into groups according to their identities, and pits them against each other by defining one as oppressor and another as oppressed. By doing so, identity politics foments the very thing it claims to stand against: prejudice, discrimination, and hatred. It is a self-defeating political ideology accomplishes nothing other than the creation of a “victim class.” They preach tolerance, diversity, and inclusiveness, but accomplish only division and separation.


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