Table of Contents

Because it’s 2015 is a resource that explores men’s issues and gender equality from an egalitarian but non-feminist perspective. The central piece is the Non-Feminist FAQ, which goes into detail explaining why so many people reject feminism. Other pages document and demonstrate men’s issues, or provide additional criticisms of various aspects of feminism (and the broader “social justice” movement).

Gender and Gender Issues:

  1. Trickle-Down Equality and Framing Men’s Issues as Really Being About Women
  2. The Women-Are-Wonderful Effect (We Don’t Live in a “Culture of Misogyny”)
  3. Gender Differences in Employment Priorities and Interests
  4. “The Future is Female”: The Bleak Outlook for Male Employment and Education
  5. Sexual Double Standards for Men? Player, Virgin, Creep, Objectifier
  6. Institutional Sexism Against Men in the Justice System
  7. Men’s Lives Matter Less? “Among the Dead Were Women and Children”
  8. Paternity Fraud as a Violation of Men’s Reproductive Rights?
  9. Title IX and Low Standards of Evidence for Campus Sexual Assault
  10. “Yes, Dear”: Henpecked Husbands and One-Sided Relationship Dynamics
  11. Spotlight on: Men’s Suicide Rates
  12. Defining, Demonstrating, and Understanding Male Disposability
  13. The Legal Paternal Surrender FAQ
  14. Methods for Downplaying or Side-Stepping Violence Against Men

Gender Movements and Ideologies:

  1. Radical Feminism Is Not Fringe Feminism
  2. Horseshoe Theory: Social Justice Left on Men, Alt-Right on Jews and Blacks
  3. “Sexist! Racist! Homophobe!” Political Correctness and Illegitimate Speech
  4. A Look at One Feminist’s Critique of Wikipedia, Verifiability, and Objectivity
  5. Why I Reject the Term “Patriarchy”
  6. Social Justice’s Punching Bags: Men, White People, Straight People
  7. The Oppressor/Oppressed Dichotomy in Gender and Beyond
  8. “Homophobia: The Fear That Another Man Will Treat You Like You Treat Women”
  9. A Non-Feminist FAQ

Where does the name “Because it’s 2015” come from? It’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to a one-liner from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a vocal feminist.

Is this a “men’s rights” blog? I don’t use that term personally. Most issues facing men aren’t actually about legal rights, so I think it’s a little misleading.

Is this an anti-feminist blog? I prefer “non-feminist”. My hope is to challenge feminism and establish the legitimacy of alternatives to it, not to eradicate/eliminate it.

Why talk about feminism at all? Why not just talk about men’s issues? Certain aspects of feminism are themselves issues for men. Given feminism’s dominance in the modern discourse on gender issues, this is really hard to ignore.